Friday, July 07, 2006

A Survey of Employees’ Knowledge Sharing Preferences (Call for Participation)

looking for more companies n individuals to participate in my survey: An assessment on the employees' knowledge sharing preferences.
We are conducting a survey to assess the culture of knowledge sharing within firm. The key questions are WHY and WHY-DON'T people share knowledge at work. In our framework we hope to capture the personal preferences of the employees, the social interactions among employees, and the interactions between employees and the organizational systems. It's beneficial especially to companies that want to understand and improve their knowledge works and works on knowledge.

For companies that are interested in this subject area, we are ready to present our ideas to the managers concerned. If we can then reach a mutual goal, we can proceed further into the survey assessment. Details of participant's benefits and commitment can be found in the attached document .At the moment there're two companies that have confirmed their participations. There are also two very likely participants from outside Singapore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed... :D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am outside singpore but I am in Knowledgemanagement community also. I am in very large government organization and would like to participate or be more help if you like) i the project.

3:32 PM  

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